Verse 12 of The Frogs of Tattnall Square Park

Last winter, I was asked to be take part in a book project titled “The Frogs of Tattnall Square Park”  written by John Carter.  I was selected as one of several local artists to create an illustration with the goal of raising money for our park! I chose to illustrate verse 12:

“Morgan was pleased with the things that she witnessed
Children laughed and played on the playground equipment
There was even a train called the Tom Thumb
It didn’t last very long but filled the park with fun”


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city-night skies…my first “drink & ink” class!


So, this illustration is the demo I created for my very first Drink & Ink class at the 567.  Basically, it’s like one of those BYOB wine and canvas events but instead of acrylic paint on canvas…we use ink and watercolor on illustration board which is much more my style! I was so excited because this is first non corks and canvas class to sell out at the 567!  A total of 25 people wanting to learn something new! We used black ink pens to draw our cities, covered them with many washes of magenta & turquoise ink and added final details with white gouache. My favorite part was watching everyone create their own unique city..each one different from the next! Some of the artists use their phones as reference to look up photos of their favorite cities like Tokyo or London. Others created something entirely from their imagination. All in all, it was a great experience and I can’t wait to teach another one soon!

Here are a few photos to show:


10155545_814155604532_1961529067397696090_n (1)10924736_814155689362_8214553815607669589_n10931009_814155669402_343702172811229078_n


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new year, new goals, new art

I started this sketch blog about a year and a half ago after quitting my job and hoping to possibly find some kind of career in the ART universe. At first I didn’t know where to begin. I felt confused and afraid people would not take me seriously, but I knew I had to get over that.  So, I became very dedicated in sketching every day and sharing it here. I met fellow illustrators, writers, travelers & art enthusiasts…learned from them and became inspired again!

I took some time but eventually, I began freelancing full-time and obtaining more and more art and illustration jobs. It was hard-work but so, so rewarding! & I’ve been lucky enough to work with people all over the world!

Unfortunately…keeping busy has caused me to neglect this blog. & I want to change that! Being active on this blog was a big influence on me starting up my art career.

So! Here are my 2015 Art Goals: 

1. Blog often! Share my art, projects, post tutorials, & write more!

2. Create a series of illustrations that I can use in both an art show AND produce prints to sell online.

3. Begin selling small original artwork online along with art prints.

4. TRAVEL…somewhere anywhere!! & sketch the places I see.

5. Become more involved in my local art community. Teach more classes, meet new people, share my art!

Well that’s about it for now. I have posted lots of my latest art here on my portfolio website. But I will be posting more here soon.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported and inspired me.

-Casie T

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The Guardians: Explore


Earlier this year I had the opportunity to create an illustration for a board game called

The Guardians: Explore!

It’s being kickstarted right now! Once it’s funded, I will be able to create more artwork for it! Here is the link:

My process is below:



A few details:

detailforestzooDetaildet3 zoodetail2

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Dream Tree


“Dream Tree” an illustration I created for the GCSU Alumni Art Show! I’ve always enjoyed drawing trees so thought it would be nice to create an colorful and imaginative version of my favorite tree on campus. I will also be selling this illustration as a Giclée Print soon! Feel free to contact me if you’re interested 🙂

Also! I have a new portfolio website! Please check it out!

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Another quick character concept!


I’ve been trying to capture a more painterly look with my digital art lately. Here is a quick character concept! I love her cheeks!

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A Happy Birthday Doodle


Here’s a little drawing I made for my husband yesterday for his birthday 🙂

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